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Palombar is a non-governmental non-profit environmental organization that works to conserve and protect nature and rural heritage. If you identify with our mission, collaborate and contribute to our organization. Your contribution is essential to maintain our work, actions and projects! We are counting on you! 



Conservation is in your nature. Connect with us.
We are all part of nature and depend on it to live. But nature also needs us, to conserve and protect it. It is to ensure the balance and continuity of this vital symbiotic relationship and to preserve the tangible and intangible rural heritage, built over the centuries on the pillars of sustainability and human and cultural enhancement, that we act together.

Individually we can do a lot, but collectively we do a lot more.
Protect biodiversity, ecosystems and rural heritage.
Become a member of Palombar!

The white heather and winter...

Unlike most plants, it is in winter that the white heather (Erica arborea) starts to flower, covering the fields with white clumps, full of beauty and life, like wild bouquets scattered throughout the territory. It is in the flowers of this autochthonous species, which make up the bush habitat and contribute to the increase in biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems, that the bees collect the nectar that ensures their survival and is also used to produce honey. Heather has a high ecological and economic value.

Palombar develops several projects that promote the dissemination and protection of native flora species, such as the white heather. You can also protect it by becoming a member of the organization. Membership fees are essential to ensure the viability and continuity of our projects and actions for the conservation of nature and rural heritage.

How to become a member?
To become a member of Palombar, simply fill in the registration form and pay the membership fee corresponding to the chosen membership modality.

Choose your type of membership
Find out about the six types of membership and choose yours, indicating the desired option in the registration form. After submitting the form, we will process your registration and you will receive by mail your member card and the Palombar member kit associated to the chosen modality. 

Palombar membership kit

The Palombar membership kit may contain different, informative and useful contents.
Find out about the six types of membership, choose yours and become a member of Palombar.
You will receive the kit corresponding to the chosen modality.

*This campaign is valid for the registration of new members.

Conservation is in your nature.
Connect with us.


Palombar membership kit

Update membership fees

Update your membership fees. Keeping the membership fees updated is necessary so that the members of Palombar can fully exercise their rights, such as, for example, having the right to vote at the General Assembly. By keeping your membership fees up to date, you are also contributing to Palombar ensuring a greater financial balance, which allows it to develop its projects, actions and activities for the conservation of nature and rural heritage more effectively. The annual membership fees, except for the first, which is paid upon registration, should ideally be paid in March of each year.

If you want to update your membership fee, please fill in the Update membership fee form.

Change the type of membership
If you intend to change your type of membership, you can do so when you update your annual membership fee, by paying the amount corresponding to your new type of membership. To do this, simply complete the Change membership type form.
You will receive the membership kit corresponding to the chosen modality, if you have not received any kit yet and if your membership fees are up to date.
Update membership fees


Palombar, as a non-profit organization, has little diversity - and number - of funding sources, often linked to specific projects, with limited time and well-defined objectives. That is why your donation is so important: to allow us to develop our work freely, safely and without neglecting the areas of action for which it is harder to obtain funds.
So, if you identify with our mission and believe in the importance of our work, make a donation. We are committed to applying it carefully in our efforts to conserve nature and rural heritage.
The donation must be made to the IBAN PT50004522624021507266657, indicating the name "Donation" in the bank transfer description. If you need a receipt, send us an email requesting it together with proof of transfer to

Thank you!




Networking and collaborative work is essential and enriches the projects developed by our organization. Palombar is available to partner and collaborate with individuals or with entities and institutions that identify with our mission and areas of expertise, with a view to jointly developing projects.

Contact us to show your interest!