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Nature and Rural Heritage Conservation

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Did you know that "Palombar" means dovecote in Mirandese?

The word "Palombar" is part of the Mirandese dialect, the cultural and linguistic heritage of the Mirandese plateau, in the district of Bragança, which survived years of isolation, having obtained, in 1999, the status of second official language in Portugal. It refers to one of the most emblematic architectural icons of the Transmontano Northeast region and is intrinsically associated with the rural community. Dovecotes are also constructions that contribute to the protection of biodiversity. The word "Palombar" is, therefore, a conceptual demonstration of this organization's mission. 


Who are we

Palombar - Nature and Rural Heritage Conservation is a non-governmental, non-profit environment organization, created in 2000, whose mission is to conserve biodiversity, wilderness, forest and agricultural ecosystems and also preserve constructed rural heritage, as well as traditional building techniques.
The organization, which is guided by a pedagogical and cooperative approach, also promotes scientific research in the areas of Ecology, Conservation Biology and Ecosystem Management, environmental education, community development and the promotion of the rural world. Palombar's area of intervention is mainly the region of Trás-os-Montes, however, the organization has been expanding its activity to other regions. 



President José Pereira 
Vice-President Miguel Nóvoa
Treasurer Américo Guedes
1st Secretary Joana Braga
2nd Secretary António Brandão

General Assembly

President Rui Dias
1st Secretary Cláudia Costa
2nd Secretary Aline Domingues

Supervisory Board

President Violeta Fritz Vilaça 
Secretary Sandra Esther Delgado Martín
Member Emanuel Catarino