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Volunteering and the values associated with it are essential to Palombar. Volunteers enrich, give life and energize the organization, contributing significantly, frequently and continuously to ensure our actions, projects and activities. The fact that we consider practical experience as one of the most effective training and awareness tools was the basis to create our Volunteer Program, which is active throughout the year. 


Volunteers who identify with Palombar's mission and objectives can contribute to the organization.

Who can be a volunteer?
All people willing to collaborate with Palombar, over 18 years old (interested minors must be accompanied by adults).

Where do the volunteers work?
At the headquarters of Palombar in the village of Uva (municipality of Vimioso, district of Bragança - Portugal) and in the Northeast Transmontano region. The volunteers will be accommodated in one of Palombar's houses in Uva, which they will share with other volunteers and workers of the organization.
When does volunteering take place and for how long?
The Volunteer Program is active throughout the year, but confirmation is needed in advance to check the availability of Palombar to receive volunteers during the intended period.

What tasks are performed by volunteers?
Volunteers will accompany the Palombar technicians and support them in the most varied tasks, some of which only happen at certain times of the year:
- Maintenance of dovecotes;
- Maintenance of Artificial Feeding Units for partridge and wild rabbit;
- Maintenance of Feeding Fields for Necrophagous Birds (FFNB);
- Support for environmental education activities;
- Fire prevention and surveillance;
- Seed collection, sowing, nursery maintenance and planting of native trees;
- Monitoring of birds and mammals;
- Support for the organisation of the International Volunteer Workcamps (IVW);
- Carrying out small restoration works of vernacular architecture;
- Other activities can also be developed, in case the volunteers are specialized in specific areas (e.g. have experience in bird identification, database management, training in architecture, etc.).
What does Palombar offer in return?
Palombar guarantees the accommodation of volunteers in a shared house, in Uva, as well as insurance against personal accidents. Volunteers are responsible for transport to Vimioso and also for their food expenses.

How can I show my interest in volunteering at Palombar?
Just write an e-mail to to expose your collaboration proposal (areas of interest, desired volunteer period, etc.), as well as your motivation to volunteer in our association. The Palombar team will evaluate your proposal.

Quality Label - European Solidarity Corps of the European Union

is certified with the Quality Label
of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) of the European Union (EU)
This label certifies that Palombar "carries out solidarity activities of high quality, in accordance
with the principles, objectives and quality standards defined for the ESC".
The ESC is an EU initiative aimed at young people, giving them the opportunity to volunteer or work
in projects, at in your own country or abroad, for the benefit of people and communities throughout Europe.
The Quality Label is valid for the period 2021-2027. 



Every year, four Italian volunteers collaborate for a year with Palombar, within the scope of a partnership between the organization and the Italian Civil Service - CESC project that started in 2015. The Italian Civil Service aims to promote education and peace among people, as well as the founding values of the Italian Republic, through actions that benefit communities and the territory. Italian civil service represents an important opportunity for learning and personal and professional growth for young people and is an indispensable and vital resource for cultural, social and economic progress. The CESC Project aims to promote and develop civil service both in Italy and in other countries as well as activities focused on building conscious citizenship. It aims to contribute to the creation of a solidary and peaceful civil coexistence. The CESC Project develops and implements programs for international cooperation, international and local volunteering.

Through a partnership established in 2014 with the French Civil Service - Union Rempart, Palombar welcomes a French volunteer for a period of one year, who collaborates and participates in activities and actions developed by the organization. The French Civil Service is a voluntary commitment to the service of the general interest, open to young people aged 16 and 25, extended to 30 years for young people with disabilities. It is accessible to everyone and takes place in France or abroad. The Union Rempart association's mission is to promote the restoration and conservation of constructed heritage so that it can be a legacy for future generations. It results from the will of organized citizens, concerned with their heritage and collectively committed to its preservation. It is developed at a local, national and international level, in a dynamic of partnerships and networks.




The International Volunteer Workcamps (IVW) were created in 2004 and consist of activities organized especially for volunteers, who contribute work hours to carry out a certain task useful for the community. The IVW organized by Palombar, in collaboration with several partners, has as its main aim the promotion of rural heritage recovery using traditional and ecological construction techniques, but also to carry out actions in favor of nature conservation; in both cases, associated with the creation of an informal learning space, both at a technical and personal level and the development of a sense of citizenship. The IVW volunteer groups are usually composed of 10 to 25 people and registration is open to all interested parties. A partnership of more than a decade between Palombar and the French association Union Rempart ensures the majority of IVW participants, who reach us through this entity. 



IVW: propose the recovery of a rural heritage item

Palombar associates great importance to the usefulness that is given to the heritage after it has been rebuilt - we believe use is the best method of conservation - as well as to the establishment of partnerships that encourage collaboration and networking. Some of the recovery actions carried out during the IVW have benefited/benefit other associations and communities and it is our goal to continue to extend these initiatives to new entities.
If your association, community or non-profit organization has a rural heritage asset to recover, complete the form below. Palombar will evaluate the feasibility of each proposal.
IVW: propose the recovery of a rural heritage item